OriDev, as a specialist of concrete precasting, works in cooperation with the British group Cooper & Turner, one of the world leaders of industrial fasteners.

OriDev develops new fasteners solutions for precasting and represents the Cooper&Turner group in this field.

Our expertise

  • Cooper & Turner Ltd and OriDev have a real know-how in the field of fasteners for concrete elements
  • Full range of bolts and connectors
  • Products adapted to the construction, rail and precast concrete markets
  • Adaptation of products to customer’s needs (shear strength, pull-out strength, inclusion of the fastener into the design…)


  • Bolting system: Full range of bolts and plastic sockets from M16 to M30. Length is adapted to the requirement of the customer.
  • Dowel connectors: ensure perfect connection between 2 concrete elements thanks to a huge shear and pull out resistance of our product. (Shear strength of 30 to 120 kN per connector)
  • Alignment system : Allow to ensure the perfect alignment of 2 concrete elements but also to ensure an important shear resistance.
  • Grouting/lifting systems: a range of products that allows to inject mortar after the installation of the concrete part but also lift the heavy concrete structure

They trust us

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